Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture
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412 Harrington Office Building
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Office Phone: (979) 845-8384
Primary Emphasis Area: Mathematics Education
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Short Bio
Dr. Trina Davis is an Associate Professor and Director of Glasscock Island in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture at Texas A&M University. She is currently co-principal investigator of the Knowledge for Algebra Teaching for Equity (KATE) Project funded by the National Science Foundation. Davis is Past-President of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and served on the ISTE Board of Directors from 2004 to 2010. Davis was the Director of the eEducation Group at TAMU from 2000-2007, where she led a number of research and development efforts on innovative technology programs. Dr. Davis has presented and published numerous chapters, books, empirical studies and synthesis papers on various aspects of technology in teaching and learning mathematics and broader STEM education, ranging from teaching and learning in 3-D simulations and virtual environments, to large-scale school technology studies in Texas. In addition, Dr. Davis co-developed an online master's program with an emphasis in STEM teaching and learning for elementary educators. Davis has received several national awards including the 2015 Top 30 Technologists, Transformers, and Trailblazers recognition by the Center for Digital Education, and the Making It Happen achievement award given at the National Education Computing Conference. Dr. Davis continues to champion issues related to digital equity, nationally and internationally.
Research Interests
Digital Equity Issues
School Technology Studies
Teaching and Learning in 3-D Simulations/Virtual Environments/Virtual Reality
Technology Applications in Mathematics/STEAM
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. *Davis, T. J. & Hill, K. (in press). 21st century skills. In S. B. Mertens, M.M. Caskey & N. Flowers (Eds.), Encyclopedia of middle grades education. * (In Press)

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3. Davis, T. J., Phillips, G. A., & Kulm, G. (in press). Creativity and the design of music-mathematics activities in a virtual simulation learning environment. In V. Freiman & J. Tassell (Eds.), Creativity and Technology in Mathematics Education. New York: Springer (In Press)

4. **Kidd, T. T., Davis, T. J., Larke, P., J. (in press). Experience, adoption, and information technology: Exploring the phenomenological experience of faculty involvement in online teaching. International Journal of E-Learning * (In Press)

5. Wang, K., Kuo, L., Li, Y., & Davis, T.J. (In Press). Review of IES funded projects on mathematics education in the U.S. Journal of Mathematics Education (in Chinese) (C-SSCI expanded) (In Press)

6. Davis, T. J., & Ortiz, N. A. (in press). Technology and African American girls. In P. J. Larke, G. Webb-Hasan, & J. Young (Eds.), Cultivating achievement, respect, and empowerment (CARE) for African American girls in preK-12 settings: Implications for access, equity and achievement. (In Press)

7. Kandel-Cisco, B., Stillisano, J R., Davis, T. J., & Waxman, H. C. (2015). Case studies of online testing in multicultural school districts. In T. G. Ganesh, A. W. Boriack, J. R. Stillisano, T. J. Davis, & H. C. Waxman, H. (Eds.). Research on technology use in multicultural settings. Charlotte, NC: Information Age. *

8. *Davis, T. J., Kulm, G., Oner, A. T., Indiogine, S. E. P., Goldsby, D., Ma, T. (2015). Preservice teachers' problem solving lesson engagement and knowledge and beliefs about teaching for equity. In J. Hammer & Y. Li (Eds.), Teaching at Work (pp. 51-80). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense *

9. Ganesh, T. G., Boriack, A. W., Stillisano, J. R., Davis, T.J., & Waxman, H. C. (Eds.). (2015). Research on technology use in multicultural settings. Charlotte, NC: Information Age. *

10. Ma, T., Brown, I., Kulm, G., Davis, T. J., & Allen, D. (2014). Constructing and role-playing student avatars in a simulation of teaching algebra for diverse learners. Urban Education. Published online 18 July 2014, DOI: 10.1177/0042085914542658 *

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

College of Education and Human Development Grants and Contracts (Current)

RET Site: SECURE: Secure Teacher Education on Cybersecurity by Utilizing Research Experiences. (Co-PI)
National Science Foundation (Federal)
2017/04/01 - 2020/03/31
Total Funding: 38,333.

Catapult Round 3 - The CREST Project: Community Research through Engagement in STEM Teaching (Funded amount $30,000). (Co-PI)
TAMU College of Education & Human Development (State)
2016/12/01 - 2018/05/31
Total Funding: 0.
Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Terry Kidd (Spring, 2011), Ph.D.
Chih-Feng Chien (Spring, 2012), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Assoc Editor (2007 - 2011). School Science and Mathematics

Professional Leadership/Service (International/National)

(2007-2009). Nominated President.  International Society for Technology in Education

(2006-2007). President-Elect.  International Society for Technology in Education

(2006). Online Learning Advisory Committee.  U.S. Department of Education

(2004-2006). Treasurer.  International Society for Technology in Education

(2003-2007). Board Member.  International Society for Technology in Education

Professional Leadership/Service (State)

(2005-2008). Appointed Member.  Texas Education Agency, Educational Technology Advisory Committee

(2005-2008). Educational Technology Advisory Committee.  Texas Education Agency


(2006). Making it Happen Achievement Award.  National Education Computing Conference

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