College of Education and Human Development
Faculty/Staff Directory

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  T* Name E-mail Title Dept
1 F ACOSTA, SANDRA  Assistant Professor EPSY 
2 F AGNOR, DOTTIEDEE  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
3 F ALEXANDER, JOYCE  Professor and Dean DEAN 
4 F ALFRED, MARY  Professor and Executive Associate Dean EAHR 
5 F ALVAREZ, ANDREA  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
6 S ANDERSON, KRISTY  Administrative Coordinator DEAN 
8 F ARMSTRONG, CARISA  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
10 F BAILEY, KRISTA  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
11 S BAKER, TANYA  Communications Specialist EPSY 
12 S BARNETT, BRANDI  Academic Advisor II EAHR 
13 F BARRY, ADAM  Associate Professor and Associate Department Head HLKN 
14 S BARTLETT, BRANDON  Information Technology Professional II DEAN 
15 F BATISTA, J.D., PAUL J.  Associate Professor HLKN 
16 S BAUER, PAULA  Program Coordinator EAHR 
17 F BAUMGARTNER, LISA  Associate Professor EAHR 
18 F BEDFORD, DIANE  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
19 S BEERWINKLE, ANDREA  Senior Research Associate TLAC 
20 F BENNETT, GREGG  Professor HLKN 
21 S BENNETT, SUPRENA  Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration DEAN 
22 F BERGERON, CHRISTINE  Clinical Professor HLKN 
24 S BICER, ALI  Postdoctorate Research Associate TLAC 
25 S BILLINGS, CHANDELL  Administrative Coordinator HLKN 
26 S BILSKI, JENNY  Academic Advisor I HLKN 
27 F BLAKE, JAMILIA  Associate Professor EPSY 
28 S BLANDON, MARIA  Senior Academic Advisor II DEAN 
29 S BLANK, STEPHEN  Web Communications Specialist DEAN 
30 F BLOOMFIELD, SUSAN  Professor & Associate Dean for Research HLKN 
31 F BOETTCHER, CYNTHIA  Clinical Professor TLAC 
32 S BOND, KARA  Academic Advisor I DEAN 
33 F BOUCHER, TONY  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
34 F BOWEN, DANIEL  Assistant Professor EAHR 
35 F BOWMAN-PERROTT, LISA  Associate Professor EPSY 
36 F BREKKEN SHEA, KIRSTIN  Instructional Professor HLKN 
37 F BRISON, NATASHA  Assistant Professor HLKN 
38 F BROSSART, DANIEL  Associate Professor EPSY 
39 F BUCHANAN, JOHN  Professor HLKN 
40 S BUCHANAN, WYATT  Business Coordinator I DEAN 
41 S BUNCH, MICHELLE  Administrative Assistant DEAN 
42 F BURGHARDT, BEATRIX  Visiting Assistant Professor TLAC 
43 F BURKE, MACK  Associate Professor EPSY 
44 F BURLBAW, LYNN  Professor TLAC 
45 F BYRNS, GLENDA  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
47 F CALDWELL, HEATHER  Instructional Assistant Professor TLAC 
49 F CAMPBELL, AUGUST JOHN  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
50 F CANTRELL, EMILY  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
52 F CAPRARO, ROBERT M.  Professor TLAC 
53 S CARDENAS, GEORGINA  Research Associate TLAC 
55 F CASSELL, EDIE  Clinical Associate Professor TLAC 
57 S CASTILLO, RAYMOND  Information Technology Professional I EPSY 
58 F CASTRO-OLIVO, SARA  Associate Professor EPSY 
59 S CHANDRA SEKAR, VISHNU  Research Programmer TLAC 
60 F CHAPMAN, DENISE  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
61 F CHEN, LEI-SHIH  Associate Professor HLKN 
62 S CHERRY, CHRISTOPHER  Assistant Dean for UG Academic Affairs DEAN 
63 F CLARK, HEATHER  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
64 S COADY, MARY HELEN  Business Administrator II HLKN 
65 F COADY, WILLIAM  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
66 F COHEN GOMEZ, LORINDA  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
67 S CORN, MISTI  Program Coordinator DEAN 
68 F CRAIG, CHERYL  Professor TLAC 
69 S CRANDALL, WAYNE  Professional Development Center Specialist EAHR 
71 F CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs HLKN 
72 F DANNENBAUM, JOE  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
73 S DAQQA, HALA  Research Associate TLAC 
74 F DARNELL, GAYDEN  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
75 S DAVID, STEFANI  Editorial Assistant TLAC 
76 F DAVIS, TRINA   Associate Professor TLAC 
77 S DAVISON, JOAN  Administrative Assistant TLAC 
78 S DAY, MINNETTE  Program Coordinator EPSY 
79 F DE MIRANDA, MICHAEL ANTHONY  Professor and Department Head TLAC 
81 F DIRANI, KHALIL  Associate Professor EAHR 
82 F DIXON, L. QUENTIN  Associate Professor TLAC 
83 F DIXON, MARLENE  Professor HLKN 
84 F DIXON, STUART  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
85 F DOOLEY, LARRY  Associate Professor EAHR 
86 S DUNLAP, DONNA  Business Coordinator II HLKN 
87 S DURKIN, KATHY  Lead Office Associate HLKN 
88 S EARHART, STELLA  Administrative Coordinator EAHR 
89 S ELIZALDE, ISABEL  Senior IT Associate DEAN 
91 F ELLIS, ROBERT  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
92 F ENGELEN, MARIELLE  Associate Professor HLKN 
93 S EPPERS, TRACY  Business Coordinator II DEAN 
94 S ESCAMILLA, OLGA  Professional Development Center Specialist EAHR 
95 F ESLAMI, ZOHREH  Professor TLAC 
96 F FEHR, SARA  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
97 F FLUCKEY, JAMES  Professor HLKN 
98 F FOGARTY, MELISSA  Clinical Assistant Professor EPSY 
99 S FORD, JODY  Senior Director of Development DEAN 
100 F FOURNIER, CONSTANCE  Clinical Professor EPSY 
101 F FOWLER, RHONDA  Clinical Assistant Professor EAHR 
102 S FREEMAN, KELLY  Academic Business Administrator II TLAC 
103 S FRENCH, PATRICE  Manager, Assessment and High Impact Practices DEAN 
104 S FRENCH, PHYLICIA  Academic Advisor II DEAN 
105 S FRUGE, BRYAN  Business Associate III HLKN 
106 F GABBARD, CARL  Professor HLKN 
107 S GADEN-WRIGHT, BRITTA  Assistant to Department Head HLKN 
108 S GANTT, BOB  Program Coord., ChallengeWorks HLKN 
109 F GANZ, JENNIFER  Professor EPSY 
110 S GARCIA, KRISTEN  Research Associate HLKN 
111 F GARNEY, WHITNEY  Assistant Professor HLKN 
112 F GILREATH, TAMIKA  Associate Professor HLKN 
113 F GOLDSBY, DIANNE  Clinical Professor TLAC 
114 F GOMEZ, DANIEL  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
115 S GONZALEZ, ELSA  Research Associate EAHR 
116 S GONZALEZ, VANESSA  Office Associate EAHR 
118 S GOYCO, JORGE  Website Administrator EAHR 
119 S GRAHAM, DIANE  Associate Director HLKN 
120 F GRANT, MELINDA  Instructional Professor HLKN 
121 S GREEN, ASHLEY  Communications Specialist DEAN 
122 F GREEN, JOHN  Clinical Professor HLKN 
123 F GREENWOOD, MICHAEL  Clinical Professor HLKN 
124 F GREENWOOD, LORI  Clinical Professor HLKN 
125 F GREGG, LAURA (GRETCHEN)  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
126 S GUERRERO, CINDY  Senior Research Associate EPSY 
127 F GUIDRY, JEFFREY  Associate Professor HLKN 
128 S GUSHANAS, CHRISTINA  Research Assistant EPSY 
129 F HAGAN-BURKE, SHANNA  Professor and Department Head EPSY 
130 S HALL, JONATHAN  Senior Information Technology Professional I DEAN 
131 F HALL, ROBERT  Associate Professor EPSY 
132 F HAMMER, JANET  Clinical Professor TLAC 
133 S HANIK, BRUCE  Associate Director HLKN 
134 F HANIK, MIKE  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
135 S HAO, HAIPING  Postdoc Research Associate TLAC 
137 F HARVEY, IDETHIA  Associate Professor HLKN 
138 S HAWKINS, TAMI  Academic Advisor II HLKN 
139 F HAYNES DAVISON, CHAYLA  Assistant Professor EAHR 
140 F HELFELDT, JACK  Professor TLAC 
141 S HENDRIX, TRACY  Program Manager EAHR 
142 F HENTHORNE, MARYBETH  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
143 F HILL-JACKSON, VALERIE  Clinical Professor TLAC 
144 S HOBBS, JILL  Business Administrator I DEAN 
145 S HOLLE, CLAYTON  Business Administrator I DEAN 
146 S HOLMES, CAROL  Senior Academic Business Administrator I DEAN 
147 S HORROCKS, AMANDA  Academic Advisor I DEAN 
148 F HOURAHAN, JOHANNA  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
149 F HOWE, ROGER  Professor TLAC 
150 S HUBBLE, SYLVIA  Sr. Administrative Coordinator HLKN 
151 F HUDSON, SHANE  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
152 S HUTCHINS, NANCY  Assistant Director DEAN 
153 S HUTCHINS, STEWART  Director of Information Technology DEAN 
154 S HYMAN, PEGGY SUE  Associate Editor EAHR 
155 S IKPO, JUSTIN  Communications Specialist DEAN 
156 F IRBY, BEVERLY  Professor EAHR 
157 F JAMES, MARLON  Assistant Professor TLAC 
158 S JENNINGS, HALEY  Assistant Development Officer DEAN 
159 S JIMENEZ, DAVID  Research Associate EPSY 
160 S JINKS, LOGAN  Senior IT Associate DEAN 
161 F JOLLY, ASHLEY  Assistant Lecturer TLAC 
162 F JONES, TREZ  Clinical Assistant Professor EAHR 
163 F JOSHI, R.  Professor TLAC 
164 F JUNTUNE, JOYCE  Instructional Associate Professor EPSY 
165 S JURICA HINNANT, AMY   Program Coordinator-Outreach DEAN 
166 F KEIPER, PAUL  Clinical Associate Professor and UG Program Coord. HLKN 
167 S KELLEY, LAUREN  Program Coordinator DEAN 
168 F KELLY, LARRY  Clinical Professor TLAC 
169 F KENNEDY, DEANNA  Assistant Professor HLKN 
170 F KIRKHAM, ERNEST  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
171 S KLEINECKE, ERIN  Development Relations Coordinator DEAN 
172 F KNIFFIN, DANIEL  Instructional Professor HLKN 
173 F KREIDER, RICHARD  Professor and Department Head HLKN 
174 S KREIDER, WENDY  College Relations Coordinator DEAN 
175 F KUO, LI-JEN  Associate Professor TLAC 
176 F KWOK, OI-MAN  Professor EPSY 
177 S LACATIVO, ALYSSA  Research Associate EPSY 
179 F LARKE, PATRICIA  Professor TLAC 
180 S LAROCCA, ALLISON  Communications Manager DEAN 
181 F LAUB, JAMES  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
182 F LAWLER, JOHN  Professor HLKN 
183 F LECHUGA, VICENTE  Associate Professor EAHR 
184 F LEMKE, MICHAEL  Clincial Assistant Professor HLKN 
185 F LI, YEPING  Professor TLAC 
186 F LIEBEN, CINDY  Research Assistant Professor HLKN 
187 F LIEW, JEFFREY  Professor EPSY 
188 F LIGHTFOOT, JOHN  Professor HLKN 
189 F LINCOLN, YVONNA  Distinguished Professor EAHR 
190 S LINDER, STEPHANIE  Program Manager TLAC 
191 F LINTZ, LEAH  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
192 F LOCKLEAR, ALYSSA  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
193 S LOPEZ, JENNIFER  Sr. Academic Advisor I DEAN 
194 S LOPEZ, TAMARA  Research Associate EPSY 
195 F LUO, WEN  Associate Professor EPSY 
196 F MADSEN, JEAN  Professor EAHR 
197 F MARCUM, TERRY  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
198 F MARK, CHRISTINE  Clinical Assistant Professor EAHR 
199 F MARTIN, STEVE  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
200 S MARTINEZ, ELIZABETH  Assistant Staff Nurse HLKN 
201 S MARTINEZ, RUBEN  Information Technology Professional I DEAN 
202 F MASSETT, MICHAEL  Associate Professor HLKN 
203 S MATHEWS, MISSY  Sr. Academic Advisor DEAN 
204 F MATSUDA, NOBORU  Associate Professor TLAC 
205 F MATTHEWS, SHARON  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
206 S MCCARTHY, KASEY  Academic Advisor I DEAN 
207 S MCGEE, KAYLA  Academic Advisor II DEAN 
208 F MCGOWAN-SCHOOLER, ANNE  Instructional Professor HLKN 
209 F MCNEILL, ELISA BETH  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
210 S MCNEW, AGATA  Research Associate HLKN 
211 F MCTIGUE, ERIN  Associate Professor TLAC 
212 F MIDDLEBROOKS, MARY  Assistant Lecturer TLAC 
213 F MILLER, PAULA  Clinical Professor and Associate UG Program Coord. HLKN 
214 F MILSTEIN, SLOANE  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
215 S MOLINARI, ANNEMARIE  Professional Development Center Specialist EAHR 
216 F MONTAGUE, MARCIA  Visiting Assistant Professor EPSY 
217 S MOORE, EMILY  Research Assistant EAHR 
218 S MOSHER, KRISTA  Professional Center Development Center Specialist EAHR 
219 F MUCKLEROY, MARTHA  Instructional Professor HLKN 
220 S MULLER, DONNA  Academic Advisor II DEAN 
221 F MULLER, ROBERT  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
222 F MUSOBA, GLENDA  Associate Professor EAHR 
223 F MUYIA, MACHUMA (HELEN)  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
224 F NAFUKHO, FREDRICK  Professor and Department Head EAHR 
225 S NASH, AMANDA  Lead Office Associate HLKN 
226 F NELSON, CHAD  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
227 S NELSON, JOYCE   Director of Academic Advising EAHR 
228 F NESHYBA, MONICA  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
229 F NETHERLAND, BETH  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
230 S NEWLAND, CORRIE  Office Associate EAHR 
231 S NEWTON, RHONDA  Instructional Design Specialist DEAN 
232 F NICKSIC, HILDI  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
233 S NIELSEN, SAMANTHA  Academic Advisor I DEAN 
234 F NITE, SANDRA  Visiting Assistant Professor TLAC 
235 S OAKLEY, SARAH  Academic Advisor II TLAC 
236 F OMPENDOGUELET, LIZETTE  Associate Professor EPSY 
237 S OSORIO, CHRISTINA  Research Assistant HLKN 
238 S OTTO, CHARLES  Academic Advisor I DEAN 
239 F PADRON, YOLANDA  Professor EPSY 
240 F PALMER, DOUGLAS  Professor EPSY 
241 S PALOMO, JESUS  Research Development Officer DEAN 
242 S PARISH, KIMBERLY  Associate Director TLAC 
243 F PARKER, DAWN  Clinical Professor TLAC 
244 S PARKS, PAMELA  Business Coordinator I DEAN 
245 S PATHIKONDA, SHARMILA  Research Development Officer DEAN 
246 F PEDERSEN, SUSAN  Associate Professor EPSY 
247 F PELTIER, TIFFANY  Assistant Lecturer TLAC 
248 S PFLUGHAUPT, MARILYN  Customer Service Associate DEAN 
249 S PHILLIPS, GLENN  Research Associate TLAC 
250 F PITTMAN, ANDREW  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
251 S PITTS, HEATHER  Graphics Designer DEAN 
252 S PONDER, BETH  Program Manager EAHR 
253 F PONJUAN, LUIS  Associate Professor EAHR 
254 F POOLEY, ALEXANDRA  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
255 S PORTER, CHRISTY  Senior Academic Advisor DEAN 
256 S PRADHANANG, SHRUTI  Senior Office Associate HLKN 
257 S QUINLAN, CHERYL  Facilities Coordinator DEAN 
258 S QUIROZ, CRUZ  Lead Information Technology Consultant DEAN 
259 S QUIROZ, RENE  Instructional Designer DEAN 
260 F RACKLEY, ROBIN  Clinical Professor TLAC 
261 F RAE, WILLIAM  Clinical Professor EPSY 
262 F RAHN, RHONDA  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
263 S RANKIN, JANE  Assistant Director TLAC 
264 S RASCO, DAYNA  Director DEAN 
265 S RASCO, SHAWN  Information Technology Professional I DEAN 
266 S RASMUSSEN, CHRISTOPHER  Research Associate HLKN 
267 F RAVEN, SARA  Assistant Professor TLAC 
268 S REITER, TONY  Information Technology Team Leader DEAN 
269 S REYNOLDS, DAVID  Business Coordinator I EAHR 
270 S REYNOLDS, TAMMY  Assistant to the Department Head TLAC 
271 F RICCIO, CYNTHIA  Professor EPSY 
274 F RIECHMAN, STEVEN  Associate Professor and Chair, Kinesiology HLKN 
275 F RIVERA, HECTOR  Assistant Professor EPSY 
276 S ROBERTS, TERESA  Business Coordinator III EPSY 
277 S ROBIDEAU, MELANIE  Administrative Coordinator DEAN 
278 S ROCHE, KATHLEEN  Administrative Coordinator HLKN 
279 S RODRIGUEZ, LUCINA  Program Assistant EPSY 
280 S RODRIGUEZ, SARAH  Research Assistant EPSY 
281 S ROESKE, SABINE  Program Manager HLKN 
282 S ROLLINS, KAYLA  Assistant Research Scientist TLAC 
283 S RONSONET, MARY  Administrative Coordinator TLAC 
284 S ROSE, GLENDA  Program Manager EAHR 
285 F ROUMELL, ELIZABETH  Assistant Professor EAHR 
286 S RUEBUSH, LAURA  Research Associate HLKN 
287 S RUIZ, BRYNN  Academic Advisor II DEAN 
288 F RUPLEY, WILLIAM  Professor TLAC 
289 S RUSSELL, SANDRA  Registered Nurse HLKN 
290 F SALAGA, STEVEN  Assistant Professor HLKN 
291 S SALAS-ISNARDI, FEDERICO  Program Coordinator EAHR 
292 S SANCHEZ, JOSEPH  Program Coordinator TLAC 
293 F SANDLIN, JUDY  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
294 F SANDLIN, MICHAEL  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
295 S SASSANO, SUSAN  Business Coordinator II EAHR 
296 F SCHAKEL, DAVID  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
297 S SCHMID, KELLY  Associate Director EPSY 
298 S SCHROEDER, LEA ANN  Senior Office Associate EAHR 
299 S SCHUMACHER, CASEY  Senior Academic Advisor I DEAN 
300 S SEIFERT, MARY  Business Coordinator II DEAN 
301 S SHARMA, RAHUL  Senior Data Analyst DEAN 
302 F SHEA, CHARLES  Professor HLKN 
303 S SHELFER, MARIE  Senior Administrative Coordinator EAHR 
304 F SHERMAN, LEDRIC  Assistant Professor HLKN 
305 F SHIPLEY, MEAGAN  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
306 F SHUMBERA, KRISTEN  Assistant Lecturer TLAC 
307 S SIMBO, SUNDAY  Postdoc Research Associate HLKN 
308 F SIMMONS, KRYSTAL  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
309 S SIMMONS, LESLIE  Senior Research Associate EPSY 
310 F SINGER, JOHN  Associate Professor HLKN 
311 S SINGH, SAURABH  Assistant Director HLKN 
312 F SINGLETON, JULIE  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
313 F SLAGEL, KRISTIN  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
315 S SLAYDON, TARA  Program Coordinator TLAC 
316 S SMITH, BENJAMIN   Director DEAN 
317 S SMITH, HARRIET  Director EAHR 
318 S SMITH, JUSTIN  Assistant Director DEAN 
319 F SMITH, KAREN  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
320 S SMITH, KERRI  Assistant Director TLAC 
321 S SMITH, MEGAN  Senior Administrative Coordinator DEAN 
322 S SMITH, TARA  Web Communications Specialist DEAN 
323 S SPRINGER, DANIEL  Academic Advisor II DEAN 
325 S STASTNY, DEE ANN  Research Associate HLKN 
327 F STOUGH, LAURA  Associate Professor EPSY 
328 S STRADER, ARLEN  Senior Information Technology Manager DEAN 
329 S STRAMASKI, KRISTIE  Senior Academic Advisor II EPSY 
330 F STRONG, MICHELLE  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
331 S SUMBERA, MEAGAN  Assistant Research Scientist EPSY 
332 F SWEANY, NOELLE WALL  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
334 S TEN HAVE, GABRIELLA  Senior Research Associate HLKN 
335 S THADEN, JOHN  Research Scientist HLKN 
336 F THOMAS, FRANCIS  Instructional Professor & Chair, PEAP HLKN 
337 F THOMAS, REBECCA  Instructional Assistant Professor TLAC 
338 F THOMPSON, JULIE  Assistant Professor EPSY 
339 F THORNTON, JOHN  Executive Professor HLKN 
340 F THORNTON, MICHAEL  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
341 S TIMONEY, PAUL  Assistant Director UG Advising DEAN 
342 F TISONE, CHRISTINE  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
343 F TOLSON, HOMER  Senior Professor EAHR 
344 S TOMCHESSON, MICHAEL  Facilities Coordinator & Lecturer HLKN 
345 F TONG, FUHUI  Associate Professor EPSY 
346 F TORRES, MARIO  Associate Professor EAHR 
347 S TRUETT, VICKI  Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising DEAN 
348 S TURNER, WINDY HOLLIS  Assistant Director DEAN 
350 F VIRURU, RADHIKA  Clinical Professor TLAC 
351 F WAITE, LUCY  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
352 F WALICHOWSKI, MIRANDA  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
353 F WALKER, DILLON  Research Assistant Professor HLKN 
354 F WALKER, MATTHEW  Associate Professor and Chair, Division of SP HLKN 
355 F WALTEMYER, SCOTT  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
356 F WALTERS, LYNNE MASEL  Associate Professor TLAC 
357 F WANG, JIA  Associate Professor EAHR 
358 F WARD, SUSAN  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
359 S WATSON, CATHY  Assistant to the Department Head EPSY 
360 F WATSON, NANCY  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
361 F WAXMAN, HERSH  Professor TLAC 
362 F WEBB- HASAN, GWENDOLYN  Associate Professor EAHR 
363 S WEICHERT, JULIE  Program Coordinator TLAC 
364 S WELCH, ANGELA  Academic Business Administrator II EPSY 
365 F WENZEL, THERESA  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
366 S WEST, LIZZIE  Administrative Coordinator DEAN 
367 S WHIRLEY, MARY  Program Manager EPSY 
368 S WHITE, STEVEN  Program Coordinator EAHR 
369 S WIEDERHOLD, MICHELLE  Senior Information Technology Associate DEAN 
370 F WIGFALL, LISA  Assistant Professor HLKN 
372 S WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY  Assistant Research Specialist EPSY 
373 F WILLINGHAM, KRISTEN  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
374 S WILLSON, ERIC  Senior Information Technology Professional I DEAN 
375 F WILSON, KELLY  Associate Professor HLKN 
376 F WOLFE, JODA  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
377 F WOLTERING, STEVEN  Assistant Professor EPSY 
378 F WOODMAN, CHRISTOPHER  Associate Professor HLKN 
379 F WOODWARD, ROBERT  Clinical Assistant Professor EPSY 
380 F WOOSLEY, JAMES  Instructional Professor HLKN 
381 F WRIGHT, DAVID  Professor HLKN 
382 S WRIGHT, KIMBERLY  Research Associate TLAC 
383 F WRIGHT, SCOTT  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
384 F WYLIE, WAYNE  Associate Professor HLKN 
385 F XIANG, PING  Professor HLKN 
386 F YALVAC, BUGRAHAN  Associate Professor TLAC 
387 S YEH, YU-CHEN  Postdoc Research Associate HLKN 
388 S YEH, YU-LYU  Research Associate HLKN 
389 F YOON, MYEONGSUN   Associate Professor EPSY 
390 F YUE, JESSICA  Instructional Assistant Professor EPSY 
391 S ZHANG, ALICE XINYU  Program Coordinator, Global Education DEAN 
392 F ZHANG, DALUN  Professor EPSY