Secondary Dept Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning
Office#: Riverside Campus
Mail Stop: 4477
Office Phone: (800) 441-7323
Primary Emphasis Area: Staff
Web Site: http://www-tcall.tamu.edu/personnel/federico.html
Short Bio
Collaborates with Project Director and Webmaster to develop, edit, and organize content of TCALL Website. Monitors major national email discussion lists, publications, and professional networks/organizations for information about evidence-based practice and professional development in adult literacy and ESL; disseminates that information via TCALL's email discussion lists, Website, Quarterly articles, and presentations at state, regional, and national conferences. Moderates specific statewide email discussion lists as assigned by Project Director; serves as substitute moderator on other lists as needed. Assists other TCALL staff and state leadership with development, promotion, and management of various state professional and program development initiatives. Assists TCALL leadership and research staff with development and management of research activities; administrative functions related to doctoral research fellows at TCALL. Coordinates with other TCALL staff on policy, budgetary, and program practice aspects of Literacy Volunteer Training Initiative. Serves as a point of reference for professional development resources and information.
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