College of Education and Human Development
Non Tenure Track Faculty

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  T* Name E-mail Title Dept
1 F AGNOR, DOTTIEDEE  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
2 F ALVAREZ, ANDREA  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
3 F ARMSTRONG, CARISA  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
5 F BAILEY, KRISTA  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
6 F BEDFORD, DIANE  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
7 F BERGERON, CHRISTINE  Clinical Professor HLKN 
8 F BOUCHER, TONY  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
9 F BREKKEN SHEA, KIRSTIN  Instructional Professor HLKN 
10 F BYRNS, GLENDA  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
11 F CAMPBELL, AUGUST JOHN  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
12 F CANTRELL, EMILY  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
13 F CASSELL, EDIE  Clinical Associate Professor TLAC 
14 F CHAPMAN, DENISE  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
15 F CLARK, HEATHER  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
16 F COADY, WILLIAM  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
17 F COHEN GOMEZ, LORINDA  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
18 F DANNENBAUM, JOE  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
19 F DARNELL, GAYDEN  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
20 F DIXON, STUART  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
21 F ELLIS, ROBERT  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
22 F FEHR, SARA  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
23 F FOGARTY, MELISSA  Clinical Assistant Professor EPSY 
24 F FOURNIER, CONSTANCE  Clinical Professor EPSY 
25 F FOWLER, RHONDA  Clinical Assistant Professor EAHR 
26 F GEGG, LAURA (GRETCHEN)  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
27 F GING, AMY  Assistant Lecturer TLAC 
28 F GOLDSBY, DIANNE  Clinical Professor TLAC 
29 F GOMEZ, DANIEL  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
30 F GRANT, MELINDA  Instructional Professor HLKN 
31 F GREEN, JOHN  Clinical Professor HLKN 
32 F GREENWOOD, MICHAEL  Clinical Professor HLKN 
33 F GREENWOOD, LORI  Clinical Professor HLKN 
34 F HAMMER, JANET  Clinical Professor TLAC 
35 F HANIK, MIKE  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
36 F HENTHORNE, MARYBETH  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
37 F HILL-JACKSON, VALERIE  Clinical Professor TLAC 
38 F HUDSON, SHANE  Clinical Professor HLKN 
39 F JOLLY, ASHLEY  Assistant Lecturer TLAC 
40 F JUNTUNE, JOYCE  Instructional Professor EPSY 
41 F KEIPER, PAUL  Clinical Associate Professor and UG Program Coord. HLKN 
42 F KELLY, LARRY  Clinical Professor TLAC 
43 F KIRKHAM, ERNEST  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
44 F KNIFFIN, DANIEL  Instructional Professor HLKN 
45 F LAUB, JAMES  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
46 F LEMKE, MICHAEL  Clincial Assistant Professor HLKN 
47 F LINTZ, LEAH  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
48 F LIU, JILING  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
49 F LOCKLEAR, ALYSSA  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
50 F MARCUM, TERRY  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
51 F MARK, CHRISTINE  Clinical Assistant Professor EAHR 
52 F MARTIN, STEVE  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
53 F MATTHEWS, SHARON  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
54 F MCNEILL, ELISA BETH  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
55 F MILLER, PAULA  Clinical Professor and Associate UG Program Coord. HLKN 
56 F MILSTEIN, SLOANE  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
57 F MUCKLEROY, MARTHA  Instructional Professor HLKN 
58 F MUYIA, MACHUMA (HELEN)  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
59 F NELSON, CHAD  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
60 F NESHYBA, MONICA  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
61 F NETHERLAND, BETH  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
62 F NICKSIC, HILDI  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
63 F PARKER, DAWN  Clinical Professor TLAC 
64 F PITTMAN, ANDREW  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
65 F POOLEY, ALEXANDRA  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
66 F RACKLEY, ROBIN  Clinical Professor TLAC 
67 F RAE, WILLIAM  Clinical Professor EPSY 
68 F RAHN, RHONDA  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
69 F SAFDARI, SARA  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
70 F SANDLIN, JUDY  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
71 F SANDLIN, MICHAEL  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
72 F SCHAKEL, DAVID  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
73 F SHIPLEY, MEAGAN  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
74 F SHUMBERA, KRISTEN  Assistant Lecturer TLAC 
75 F SIMMONS, KRYSTAL  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
76 F SINGLETON, JULIE  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
77 F SLAGEL, KRISTIN  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
78 F SMITH, KAREN  Clinical Associate Professor EAHR 
79 F STRONG, MICHELLE  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
80 F SWEANY, NOELLE WALL  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
81 F THOMAS, FRANCIS  Instructional Professor & Chair, PEAP HLKN 
83 F THORNTON, MICHAEL  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
84 F TISONE, CHRISTINE  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
85 F TOLSON, HOMER  Senior Professor EAHR 
86 F VIRURU, RADHIKA  Clinical Professor TLAC 
87 F VON GILLERN, SAM  Clinical Assistant Professor TLAC 
88 F WAITE, LUCY  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
89 F WALICHOWSKI, MIRANDA  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
90 F WALTEMYER, SCOTT  Clinical Assistant Professor HLKN 
91 F WARD, SUSAN  Clinical Associate Professor HLKN 
92 F WENZEL, THERESA  Instructional Associate Professor HLKN 
93 F WILLINGHAM, KRISTEN  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
94 F WOLFE, JODA  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
95 F WOODWARD, ROBERT  Clinical Associate Professor EPSY 
96 F WOOSLEY, JAMES  Instructional Professor HLKN 
97 F WRIGHT, SCOTT  Instructional Assistant Professor HLKN 
98 F WRIGHT, TRAVER  Research Assistant Professor HLKN 
99 F WYLIE, WAYNE  Senior Associate Professor HLKN