Clinical Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture
Office#: 322 Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4232
Office Phone: (979) 845-8384
Primary Emphasis Area: Culture, Curriculum and Instruction
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Short Bio
Dr. Valerie Hill-Jackson received her Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Educational Leadership degree, summa cum laude, in 2003 from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She joined the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture at Texas A&M University in September 2004 and teaches courses in the Culture and Curriculum program area. She is a nationally and university recognized educator having garnered: 2007 Maybelline / People Magazine Women Who Empower Through Education Award; The 2008 Texas A&M University (TAMU) Association of Former Students Award for Distinguished Teaching; 2008 Transfer Camp Namesake; 2010 Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence (SLATE) at TAMU; 2010 Outstanding Panhellenic Professor; 2011 National Society of Collegiate Scholars Inspire Integrity Top 10 Finalist award; Honorary Guest Coach for the Texas A & M University Women's Basketball Team, 2011 NCAA Champs, at the McNeese U. Home Game 2011; 2013 Upton Sinclair award; 2015 Aggies Commit to Transforming Lives Administrative Fellow; and the 2016 Educational Institution Image Award by the Edwards Ministerial Association.

She developed three new graduate courses including one that is integral to the Educational Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction program. Dr. Hill-Jackson's research interests include: critical teacher education, transformative/servant leadership, service learning/community education, ethnography, gifted education, culture + curriculum, and STEM education for underserved learners. Early in her career, Dr. Hill-Jackson received the prestigious American Educational Research Association / Spencer fellowship for her qualitative dissertation and was conferred with the LEAD Poisoning Star Award for her research in community education. In 2013, Hill-Jackson won a Traditional Core Fulbright Award and was hosted by the Center for Critical and Cultural Theory at the School of English Communication and Philosophy at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales. Dr. Hill-Jackson's teaching philosophy is best explained with her simple quote, "students first through action research".
Research Interests
Critical Teacher Education
Educational Leadership
STEM for underserved learners
Study of Marginalized Communities
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Hill-Jackson, V. (in press). And then there were (almost) none: Reversing the exodus of Black females in the teaching profession. In A. Farinde-Wu, A. Allen, and C.W. Lewis (Eds.), Black female teachers: Diversifying the United States[48]19 workforce. Somerville: MA: Emerald Group Publishing, Inc. (In Press)

2. Lewis, C. W., Bonner, F. A. II., J. Long, V. Hill-Jackson, L. Bowman- Perrott, & M. James. (In Press). An exploratory descriptive analysis into the behavior patterns of African American males in a Midwestern school district: Implications for teachers, counselors, administrators, policymakers, and politicians. Souls: A Critical Journey of Black Politics, Culture, and Society. * (In Press)

3. Hill-Jackson, V., & Stafford, D. (in press). A star teacher for every classroom. In V. Hill-Jackson and D. Stafford (Eds.), Better teachers, better schools: What star teachers know, believe, and do (pp. ). Charlotte, NC: IAP. (In Press)

4. *Liao, L., Larke, P., & Hill-Jackson, V. (in press). Bridging two worlds: The retrospective experiences of ten Chinese and Taiwanese Americans attending Chinese Heritage Schools. Heritage Language Journal. (In Press)

5. Haberman, M. & Hill-Jackson, V. (in press). Gentle teaching in a violent society: A postscript for the 21st century. In V. Hill-Jackson and D. Stafford (Eds.), Better teachers, better schools: What star teachers know, believe, and do (pp. ). Charlotte, NC: IAP (In Press)

6. Hill-Jackson, V., Stafford, D. & Hartlep, N., (2016). 5 dos of star teachers. In D. Sanchez, R. Faber and D.S. Jones (Eds.), American Association for Employment in Education (AAEE) Job Search Handbook for Educators (p. 58). Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania: AAEE.

7. Stafford, D. & Hill-Jackson, V. (2016). A star principal for every school [Introduction]. In D. Stafford and V. Hill-Jackson (Eds.), Better principals, better schools: What star principals know, believe, and do (pp. xiii-xviii). Charlotte, NC: IAP

8. Watson, R.E. & Hill-Jackson, V. (2016). No principal left behind? The core beliefs of nine urban elementary principals in a Midwest school district implementing No Child Left behind. In D. Stafford and V. Hill-Jackson (Eds.), Better principals, better schools: What star principals know, believe, and do (pp. 15-35). Charlotte, NC: IAP.

9. Stafford, D. & Hill-Jackson, V. (2016). The case for selecting better principals. In D. Stafford and V. Hill-Jackson (Eds.), Better principals, better schools: What star principals know, believe, and do (pp. 63-79). Charlotte, NC: IAP.

10. Hill-Jackson, V., (2013). "Downs, Karl Everette." African American National Biography. Ed. Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham. New York: Oxford UP, 2013. Published online at the Oxford African American Studies Center, January 2014

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

College of Education and Human Development Grants and Contracts (Current)

Catapult Round 3 - The CREST Project: Community Research through Engagement in STEM Teaching (Funded amount $30,000). (Co-PI)
TAMU College of Education & Human Development (State)
2016/12/01 - 2018/05/31
Total Funding: 0.
Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Li-Yuan Liao (Summer, 2011), Ph.D.
Tory Hill (Spring, 2013), Ed.D.
Marcia Talkmitt (Spring, 2013), Ed.D.
Karen Herrera (Summer, 2013), Ed.D.
Darrell Gililland (Summer, 2015), Ed.D.
Billy Ray Woodson (Fall, 2016), Ed.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2007 - ). Scholarly Partnerships Edu

Editorial Board Member (2007 - ). The National Journal of Urban Education and Practice

Professional Leadership/Service (International/National)

(2004-2005). Grants Evaluator.  United Parents Against Lead.

(2004-2005). Board Member.  Center for Enviornmentally Safe Communities.

Scholarly Awards
Aggies Commit to Transforming Lives Administrative Fellow 2015; Upton Sinclair Award 2013; 2013 Fulbright Scholar: Traditional Core Award [150] Cardiff, University United Kingdom; 2001-2002 AERA / Spencer Dissertation Fellowship; 1997 Geraldine R. Dodge Outstanding New Teacher Fellowship

(2014). College Level Teaching Award Committee Chair. 

(2011). National Society of Collegiate Scholars Award.  National Society of Collegiate Scholars: Inspire Integrity Top 10 Finalist Recognition Award

(2010). Teaching Award.  Student Led Award in Teaching Excellence

(2008). T-Camp Namesake.  Texas A&M University

(2008). Association of Former StudentsTeaching Award.  Assocation of Former Students

(2007). Time Inc. /Maybelline.  Empowerment Through Education National Award.

(2002). LEAD STAR Award. 

(2001-2002). AERA/Spencer Fellowship. 

(1997). Geraldine R. Dodge.  Fellowship.

(1992). Cook College & Edgar Morris Bacon Award. 

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