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Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
Office#: 710 EPSY Department Harrington Office Building
Mail Stop: 4225
Office Phone: (979) 845-8608
Primary Emphasis Area: Counseling Psychology
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Short Bio
Dr. Lizette Ojeda received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri. Her research focuses on the Mexican American experience in the U.S., particularly among Mexican American men. Her work examines psychosociocultural factors that impact the education, career development, and well being of Latinos from a positive psychological perspective. She is also interested in Latino masculinity and Mexican immigrants' issues.
Research Interests
Mexican American career development and well being
Mexican American men and masculinity
Mexican Immigrants' issues
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. *Heredia, D., Piña-Watson, B., Castillo, L. G., Ojeda, L., & Cano, M. A. (in press). Academic nonpersistence among Latina/o college students: Examining cultural and social factors. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. * (In Press)

2. Heredia, D., Pi[241][241]a-Watson, B., Castillo, L., Ojeda, L., & Cano, M.A. (in press). Associations of acculturation and enculturation with attitudes of academic persistence among Latina/o college students: The meditative role of intrapersonal and environmental factors. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. (In Press)

3. *Heredia, D., *Sanchez-Gonzalez, M., *Rosner, C., *He, X., Castillo, L. G., & Ojeda, L. (in press). The Influence of loneliness and interpersonal relations on Latina/o adolescent wellbeing. Journal of Latinos and Education. * (In Press)

4. Ojeda, L., Pi[241][241]a-Watson, B., & *Gonzalez, G. (2016). The role of social class, ethnocultural adaptation, and masculinity ideology on Mexican American college men[48]19s well-being. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 17, 373-379 *

5. Cano, M. A., de Dios, M. A., Castro, Y., Vaughan, E. L., Castillo, L. G., Lorenzo-Blanco, E. I., Piña-Watson, B., Cardoso, J. B., Ojeda, L., Cruz, R. A., Correa- Fernández, V., Ibañez, G., Auf, R., Molleda, L. M. (2015). Alcohol use severity and depressive symptoms among late adolescent Hispanics: Testing associations of acculturation and enculturation in a bicultural transaction model. Addictive Behaviors, 49, 78-82

6. Nunez, A., Gonzalez, P., Talavera, G., Sanchez-Johnsen, L., Roesch, S.C., Davis, S., Arguelles, W., Womack, V.Y., Ostrovsky, N.W., Ojeda, L., Penedo, F.J., & Gallo, L.C. (2015). Machismo, marianismo, and negative cognitive-emotional factors: Findings from the Hispanic Community/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) Sociocultural Ancillary Study. Journal of Laitna/o Psychology

7. Ojeda, L., & Organista, K. C. Latino American men. (2015). In Y. J. Wong & S. R. Wester (Eds.) APA Handbook of the Psychology of Men and Masculinities. American Psychological Association: Washington, DC.

8. Ojeda, L., & Pina-Watson, B. (2014). Caballerismo protects against the role of machismo on Mexican day laborers[48]19 self-esteem. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 15, 288-295 *

9. Navarro, R. L., Ojeda, L., Schwartz, S., *Piña-Watson, B., & *Luna, L. L. (2014). Cultural self, personal self: Links with life satisfaction among Mexican American college students. Journal of Latina/o Psychology, 2, 1-20 *

10. Ojeda, L., & Liang, C. (2014). Ethnocultural and gendered determinants of coping among Mexican American adolescent men. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 15, 296-304.

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

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Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Brandy Pina-Watson (Summer, 2014), Ph.D.
Marianela Dornhecker (Summer, 2016), Ph.D.
Dagoberto Heredia, Jr. (Summer, 2017), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2014 - ). Journal of Latino Psychology

Editorial Board Member (2014 - ). Psychology of Men & Masculinity

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