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Short Bio
Jean Madsen is a professor at Texas A&M University where she is director of qualitative research for the Education Leadership Research Center (ELRC). She has worked on several qualitative projects which include the study of school decentralization and the recruitment and retention of teachers of color. Her research interests include studying workplace relationships and its effect on inclusion. The Kellogg Foundation recently funded her research to study the organizational implications of changing demographics in schools. Dr. Madsen has over 25 peer refereed articles and 80 presentations at the American Educational Research Association and the University Council of Education Administration. Her articles were accepted in American Educational Research Journal, Teachers College Record, Comparative Education Review, Peabody Journal of Education, and Urban Education. She has written three books, with one being nominated for the Grawemeyer Award in Education. Jean also serves on many editorial boards.
Area(s) of Emphasis
Public School Administration
Research Interests
Organizational development for schools that contain demographically diverse teachers and students
Organizational effectiveness and proportional representation on workplace relationships in urban schools
Organizational Leadership in urban and suburban schools to address intergroup differences
Strategic planning in multi-racio ethnic environments and its impact on student outcomes
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. **Torres, M.S., Kidd, T., Madsen, J. (2015). Exploring ethics and teacher conduct in a suburban school district: Implications for school leaders. NCPEA Education Leadership Review, Vol. 16, No. 2. *

2. Madsen, J. & Mabokela, R. (2014) Leadership Challenges in Addressing Changing Demographics in Schools, NASSP Bulletin, Volume 98 Issue 1 March 2014 pp. 75 - 96

3. Hemmer, L., Madsen, J.A., & Torres, M.S. (2013). Critical Analysis of Accountability Policy in Alternative Schools: Implications for School Leaders. Journal of Educational Administration, 51, 5 *

4. Li, J., & Madsen, J. (2011) Business ethics and workplace guanxi in Chinese SOEs: A qualitative study Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management, 2 (2)

5. Stroud, M & Madsen, J. (2011) Concrete Ceiling: Implications for women of color in urban school districts. The National Journal of Urban Education & Practice, 4 (2) 101-114

6. Li, J. & Madsen, J. (2010) Examining Chinese Managers' Work-related Values and Attitudes. Chinese Management Studies 4 (1) 57-76

7. Young,B.,Young, M., Madsen,J. (2010) Implementing Diversity Plans:Principals' Perceptions of Their Ability to Address Diversity in Their Schools" NASSP Bulletin. 94 (2) 135-157

8. Davis, J. & Madsen, J. (2009) African American Leadership in Urban Schools: Implications for Organizational Structure and Improved Educational Outcomes. In Foster, L. & Tillman, L. (2009) UCEA Book Series: African American Perspectives on Leadership in schools: Building a Culture of Empowerment

9. Cormier, N. Cormier, B. & Madsen, J. (2009) African American Superintendents in High Performing Urban School Districts who created an Organizational Identity Structure that has been successful in Narrowing the Achievement Gap. In Foster, L & Tillman, L. (2009) UCEA Book Series: African American Perspectives on Leadership in Schools: Building a Culture of Empowerment

10. Li, J. & Madsen, J. (2009) Chinese Workers’ Work Ethic in Reformed State-Owned Enterprises: Implications for HRD. Human Resource Development International 12 (2) 171-187

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

College of Education and Human Development Grants and Contracts (Current)

Mediated Leadership Skills for Demographically Diverse Schools. (PI)
Kellogg Foundation (Private)
2014/10/01 - 2017/03/31
Total Funding: 286,668.
Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Alvis Cornel Jones (Fall, 2001), Ed.D.
Stella Cook Bell (Fall, 2001), Ed.D.
Billy Lee Young (Fall, 2007), Ed.D.
Marilyn Martin (Fall, 2008), Ph.D.
Joan Berry (Summer, 2009), Ed.D.
Lynn Hemmer (Summer, 2009), Ph.D.
Robert Stockwell (Spring, 2010), Ed.D.
Rose Narvaez (Summer, 2012), Ph.D.
Eddie Rodriguez (Summer, 2012), Ph.D.
Sylinda Hlvanika (Spring, 2013), Ed.D.
William Russell (Fall, 2013), Ed.D.
Patricia Schroeder (Fall, 2013), Ph.D.
Alma Lara (Spring, 2014), Ed.D.
Rebecca Benedict (Spring, 2014), Ph.D.
Adam Ray Hile (Fall, 2015), Ed.D.
Robert Arthur Brewer (Fall, 2015), Ph.D.
Toron Jamaine Woolridge (Summer, 2016), Ed.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (2015 - ). Chinese Management Studies

Assoc Editor (2010 - 2013). Educational Administration Quarterly

Editorial Board Member (2010 - 2013). Journal of Sport Management

Editorial Board Member (2008 - 2013). Journal of Teacher Education

Editorial Board Member (2006 - ). The Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education

Editorial Board Member (2006 - 2009). The Professoriate

Editorial Board Member (2005 - ). NASSP Bulletin

Editorial Board Member (2005 - 2013). International Journal of Leadership in Education

Editorial Board Member (2005 - 2013). Journal of School Leadership

Professional Leadership/Service (International/National)

(2004-2006). Advisory Board Member.  NASSP


(2014). College Service Award.  CEHD, TAMU

(2012). Emerald Literati Network 2012 Awards.  Excellence Outstanding Paper Award Winner

(2012). Committee Chair for college and university awards. 

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