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Office Phone: (979) 862-6584
Primary Emphasis Area: Counseling Psychology
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Research Interests
Multicultural counseling, assessment, and training
Organizational consultation
Religious resources in psychotherapy
Therapeutic change processes
Publications (journal articles, books, book chapters)*

1. Ridley, C.R., & Jeffrey, C. (in press). Thematic mapping in case conceptualization: An introduction to the special section. Journal of Clinical Psychology (In Press)

2. Ridley, C.R., & Laird, V. (2015). The scientist-practitioner model in counseling psychology programs: A survey of training directors. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 28(3), 235-263

3. Ridley, C.R., & Jeffrey, C. (2014). Race and ethnicity in the education and training of professional psychologists. In B. Johnson & N. Kaslow (Eds.). Oxford handbook of education and training in professional psychology (pp. 437-451). New York: Oxford Press.

4. Ridley, C.R., & Mollen, D. (2012). An examination of newness in emerging counseling interventions. The Counseling Psychologist, 40, 1070-1077

5. *Ridley, C.R., Mollen, D., & Kelly, S.M. (2011). Beyond microskills: Toward a model of counseling competence. The Counseling Psychologist, 39(6), 825-864

6. *Ridley, C.R., Mollen, D., & Kelly, S.M. (2011). Counseling competence: Application and implications of a model. The Counseling Psychologist, 39(6), 865-886 *

7. *Ridley, C.R., Kelly, S.M., & Mollen, D. (2011). Microskills training: Evolution, reexamination, and call for reform. The Counseling Psychologist, 39(6), 800-884 *

8. Ridley, C.R., Shaw-Ridley, M. (2011). Multicultural counseling competencies: A critical analysis of research on clients' perceptions: Comment on Owen, Leach, Wampold, and Rodolfa (2011). Journal of Counseling Psychology, 58, 1-6

9. Ridley, C.R., & Shaw-Ridley, C.R. (2011). Multicultural counseling competencies: An analysis of research on clients' perceptions. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 58(1), 16-21

10. *Mollen, D., Kelly, S.M., & Ridley, C.R. (2011). Therapeutic change: The raison d' etre for counseling competence. The Counseling Psychologist, 39(6), 908-917 *

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* Publication was joint-authored with students
Diss Publication was from a dissertation
ROS Publication was from a record of study

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Courses Taught
Former Doctoral Students
Keisha Thompson (Summer, 2011), Ph.D.
Kirsten Salerno (Spring, 2014), Ph.D.
Bonny Chang (Summer, 2014), Ph.D.
Courtney Nelson (Fall, 2014), Ph.D.
Editorial Positions

Editorial Board Member (1988 - 1990). The Counseling Psychologist

Editorial Board Member (1987 - ). Journal of Psychology and Theology


Fellow.  American Psychological Association (Divisions 17 & 45)

(2006). Distinguished 100 Alumni.  College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota

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