Publications of CEHD Faculty (Current and Former)
Journal: Behavioral Brain Science

Educational Psychology
Steven Woltering
Woltering, S., Jung, J., Liu, Z., & Tannock, R. (2012). Resting state EEG oscillatory power differences in ADHD college students and their peers. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 8(1), 60
Health and Kinesiology
Buchanan, J.J. & Horak, F.B. (2003). Voluntary control of postural equilibrium patterns. Behavioral Brain Research, 143: 121-140.
Mr. J Timothy Lightfoot
Ferguson, DP*, LJ Dangott, HL Vellers*, EE Schmitt*, JT Lightfoot. Differential protein expression in the nucleus accumbens of high and low active mice. Behavioural Brain Research. 291: 283-288, 2015.