Publications of CEHD Faculty (Current and Former)
Journal: American Journal of Human Biology

Health and Kinesiology
An, P. T. Rice. J. Gagnon, A.S. Leon, J.S. Skinner, J.H. Wilmore, C. Bouchard, and D.C. Rao. (2000). Cross-trait familial resemblance for resting blood pressure and body composition and fat distribution: The HERITAGE Family Study. American Journal of Human Biology, 12, 32-41,
Rice. I.B., Borecki, L., PĂ©russe, I., Gagnon, J. , Leon, A.S., Skinner,J.S. , Wilmore, J.H, Bouchard, C. and Rao, D.C. (2000). Major gene effect on subcutaneous fat distribution in asedentary population and its reponse to exercise traning: The HERITAGE Family Study, American Journal of Human Biology, 12, 600-609.