CEHD Projects Funded during past 5 Years by
Texas A&M Foundation (Private)

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Bowen, Daniel (EAHR) Grant dates: 2015-09-01—2018-08-31
Linda F. and Robert A. Lacey '60 Faculty Fellowship
CLEMENS, NATHAN (EPSY) Grant dates: 2015-09-01—2016-08-31
Dr. Deanna and Thomas Yates Faculty Fellowship
Walker, Matthew (HLKN) Grant dates: 2015-09-01—2018-08-31
Robert and Mavis Simmons Faculty Fellowship
YALVAC, BUGRAHAN (TLAC) Grant dates: 2015-09-01—2018-08-31
Faculty Fellowship for STEM Education and Innovation
CAPRARO, MARY MARGARET (TLAC) Grant dates: 2013-09-01—2016-08-31
Reta Haynes' Faculty Fellowship
Kelly, Larry (TLAC) Grant dates: 2013-09-01—2016-08-31
Rita Haynes' Clinical Fellow
MCKYER, E. LISAKO (HLKN) Grant dates: 2013-09-01—2015-08-31
Thomas A. and Joan C. Read Faculty Fellowship
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