CEHD Projects Funded during past 5 Years by
American College of Sports Medicine Foundation (Private)

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BLOOMFIELD, SUSAN (HLKN) Grant dates: 2016-06-01—2017-05-31
To Determine the Impact of Continuous Radiation Exposure on Measures of Bone Structural Integrity and Cell Activity in Exercising and Sedentary Animals
ENGELEN, MARIELLE (HLKN) Grant dates: 2016-01-01—2018-01-01
The Effects of Acute Resistance Exercise on Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
BLOOMFIELD, SUSAN (HLKN) Grant dates: 2015-07-01—2016-06-30
(STUDENT: ANITA MANTRI) Modulation of Bone Response to Exercise and Disuse by Oral Contraceptive Use
LAWLER, JOHN (HLKN) Grant dates: 2015-07-01—2016-06-30
Role of Sarcolemma Repair Proteins during Simulated Microgravity in Skeletal Muscle (Student - Jeff Hord)
Lightfoot, J Timothy (HLKN) Grant dates: 2015-07-01—2016-06-30
(STUDENT GRANT - HEATHER VELLERS) The Effect of Chronic Overfeeding on Voluntary Physcial Activity
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