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  T* Name E-mail Title Dept
1 S BAKER, TANYA  Communications Specialist II EPSY 
3 S DAY, MINNETTE  Program Coordinator I EPSY 
4 S DEES, JESSICA  Program Manager EPSY 
5 S ESPARZA, ALLISON  Research Specialist I EPSY 
6 S FLEMING, KENNETH  Research Specialist I EPSY 
7 S GARCIA, SERENA  Research Assistant EPSY 
8 S GAYTAN, RODOLFO  Research Specialist I EPSY 
9 S GLASS, TRACY  Research Associate EPSY 
10 S GUERRERO, CINDY  Associate Research Scientist EPSY 
11 S HAMRICK DE MARIN, SHARON  Research Specialist I EPSY 
12 S JIMENEZ, DAVID  Assistant Research Scientist EPSY 
13 S KALLINA, SALLY  Academic Advisor IV EPSY 
14 S LI, JUI-TENG  Research Specialist II EPSY 
15 S LOPEZ, TAMARA  Research Specialist II EPSY 
16 S PATHIKONDA, SHARMILA  Research Specialist I EPSY 
17 S ROBERTS, TERESA  Business Coordinator III EPSY 
18 S RODRIGUEZ, LUCINA  Research Associate EPSY 
19 S SCHMID, KELLY  Associate Director EPSY 
20 S SIMMONS, LESLIE  Senior Research Associate EPSY 
21 S SUMBERA, MEAGAN  Assistant Research Scientist EPSY 
22 S SUTTON-JONES, KARA  Research Specialist II EPSY 
23 S TANG, SHIFANG  Research Specialist I EPSY 
24 S VILLARREAL, ELSA  Research Associate EPSY 
25 S WALKER, MICHAEL  Information Technology Professional I EPSY 
26 S WATSON, CATHY  Executive Assistant II EPSY 
27 S WELCH, ANGELA  Business Manager EPSY 
28 S WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY  Research Specialist I EPSY